Sous-Vide Garer

AquaChef Professional Sous Vide Water Oven with Seal ‚N Fresh

The AquaChef Professional Water Oven by KitchenAdvance – The AquaChef Professional Water Oven is a revolutionary cooking appliance that transforms everyday foods into something truly remarkable gourmet restaurant-quality meals with a push of a button. AquaChef cooking is the most effective way to cook. Because water conducts heat better than air: Your meals will cook to perfection in no time; the juices remain sealed inside it; and your good food will remain moist, flavorful and tender. Imagine the juiciest, most flavorful chicken and tender, perfectly cooked steaks just like from a master chef-at home! The AquaChef Professional Water Oven delivers delicious, consistent, and repeatable results in the kitchen, time after time! Seal ‚N FreshTM Handheld Vacuum System Seal in freshness and flavor with the Seal ‚N Fresh cordless handheld Vacuum System. With the gentle push of a button, the Vacuum System quickly removes air – locking in the food’s natural flavors, nutrients and moisture. The cordless handheld Vacuum System is easy to use and small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer.

Enhanced Texture, Flavor & Tenderness
Saves Money and Maximizes Time
Consistent, Precise Results
Easy to use, Convenient
Improved Nutrition and Flavor